Review: The Orchid House



The Orchid House: A Novel by Lucinda Riley                                           Atria Books, February 2012                                           *Bought with my own money*

Julia Forrester, acclaimed concert pianist, seemed to have it all until a tragedy took everything she loved in life.  She decides to return to a small cottage she owns in her hometown, giving her time to recover.  While at home she is reunited with Wharton Park, the estate that her grandparents worked on as she was growing up.  An estate that has always given her wonderful memories.

At Wharton Park she discovers a journal that will change the fate of not just Julia, but all of Wharton Park.  It is a discovery that will bring up old wounds, force people to take a second look at Wharton Park’s history and cause Julia to question all that she has every know.  The journal takes the reader on a journey that travels all the way back to the 1930s, when Wharton Park was in it’s heyday.  Then it drastically changes direction and brings the reader to Thailand at the height of World War 2.  All of this leaves Julia contemplating love, loyalty and family.

I really enjoyed The Orchid House.  I always love a good atmospheric mystery, and this did not disappoint.  If I say too much I will give away key information, so I will just say read it!  If you like love stories, read it.  If you like mysteries, read it.  If you like war time stories, read it.  It is a great summer read that you will have a hard time putting down.  Pick it up and discover Wharton Park yourself, you will be glad you did!


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