Review: Bumped

Bumped by Megan McCafferty                                                   Balzer + Bray, April 26, 2011

*Disclosure: I received this e-ARC for review.*

A virus makes every person over 18 infertile, leaving the world to hire teenage girls as surrogates.  This makes the teens the most powerful people in society, with the genetically gifted ones getting sponsored for “bumping”.  The rest of the teens “bump” in hopes of getting an offer after they are pregnant, or at the least blending in as one of the cool pregs around.

16-year-old Melody appears to have it all on this world.  She is beautiful, extremely intelligent, athletic and was the first girl at her school to go “pro”.  Her contract is one of the highest ones including full college tuition, a car, a tummy tuck and enough money to make her head spin.  But she is still waiting for the parents to find a suitable match when her identical twin , Harmony, shows up.

Harmony recently found out that when her birth mother gave her up, she also gave up another twin girl.  But while Harmony was sent to live in Goodside (think Amish meets the Duggars), her twin lives in Otherside with all of this terrible “bumping” business.  So Harmony goes to Goodside to make Melody see her evil bumping ways.

This book definitely peaked my interest because I have not read anything like it.  I found the idea that teenage girls held all the power in society totally fascinating.  Especially with a high schoolers fascination with fitting in and cliques.  Also, I thought it was an interesting take on teens and pregnancy in a world where while we still don’t condone teen pregnancy, we do make the girls from the tv shows the front cover of US Weekly and People.

I found this book to be an easy, fun read.  It is the first in a trilogy and I will definitely take the time to read the other two when they come out.  Was it life changing? No.  Would I say that everyone will love it? Probably not.  But there is something lovable about the way Harmony and Melody discover their paths in life and their relationship to each other.  I found them to be very likable characters.

Bottom Line: If you aren’t into YA, steer clear.  If you are into YA, pick it up.  You will probably enjoy.  However, this has frank talk of “bumping” so be warned.


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