Waiting on Wednesday: The Beginners

Today is Wednesday and after the terrible storms, I finally have power in my house!  So you are actually getting a post here!  For those of you not in the know, Waiting on Wednesday is hosted over at Breaking the Spine and features books that you are excited about reading.  If you head over there you can find out what other people are waiting on as well.

So this Wednesday I am waiting on…..

The Beginners by Rebecca Wolff

The Beginners by Rebecca Wolff

June 30, 2011

Here’s what Publishers Weekly has to say about it:

Starred Review. Dread and desire hang deliciously over every page of Wolff’s gothic tale of an adolescent New England girl’s unlikely education. Ginger is imaginative, her nose always in a book, and not as advanced, sexually or socially, as her best friend, Cherry, who wants to talk to boys rather than play castle at the abandoned mill. Ginger’s family, meanwhile, has lived in a state of near suspended animation since the death of her older brother. But when an odd young couple walk into the cafe where Ginger works, she has her own entrée into a sophisticated world of frank sex talk and philosophical musings. The Motherwells, Raquel and Theo, say they are in town to research the town’s past—witch trials, the legend of a town sunk beneath the reservoir—and they allow Ginger and Cherry, but mostly Ginger, into their strange cohort and a party to their sometimes alarming schemes. As Ginger starts avoiding most contact that does not involve the Motherwells, her shrinking world grows more sinister and seductive. Wolff conjures the state of smothering awe and fixation Ginger has for the Motherwells, and her twin needs to be wanted by them sexually and as a stand-in daughter lends a throbbing urgency to a novel as creepy as it is marvelous. (June)

Love a good gothic tale.  Sounds creepy, right?

Leave me a comment and tell me what you are waiting on to come out, or what you want to pick up from your library, or just what you are reading in general…..



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3 Responses to Waiting on Wednesday: The Beginners

  1. jill says:

    Me too, me too!

  2. It does sound creepy! Great pick!

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