Toddler Thursday: 4/1

Toddler Thursday : April 1st

Disclosure: I received no compensation for the titles below.  I bought them myself.

Miss Nelson is Missing by Harry Allarad and James Marshall

I cannot tell you how much I used to love this book.  In fact, I still do love it.  Miss Nelson is a sweet teacher who gets no respect from her students.  She is under appreciated and most certainly under paid.  So one day Miss Nelson disappears and is replaced by the horrible Miss Viola Swamp.  The kids now realize the error of their ways and must go on a hunt to find the missing Miss Nelson.

Aliens Are Coming by Meghan McCarthy

The front cover says it all, this is the story of the War of the Worlds broadcast.  I love that this book is non-fiction, which is often hard to find in picture book format.  But it is also SO entertaining.  Your kids will be hooked from the first line.


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2 Responses to Toddler Thursday: 4/1

  1. Crys says:

    Thanks for the reminder! I forgot about Miss Nelson and how much I loved those books. I was scared shitless every time we had a substitute, but easily one of my favorite series of books. I can’t believe I’d forgotten about them.

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