Matched by Ally Condie

Matched by Ally Condie Dutton Juvenile, November 2010

In Cassia’s world (set sometime in the future) everything is pre-determined for you.  What you eat, where you work, and even who you marry are determined by a Society looking for the best possible lives for all.  Cassia is thrilled to learn that her best friend will be her “match”, because everyone in Society knows that match is determined with the highest possible genetic and compatibility results.  However, in a split second everything Cassia thinks she knows is questioned when another face flashes on the screen.  Now Cassia must find the answers to the questions she was never meant to ask: What role do choices have in life?  Does her utopian Society know best?  Should you risk it all for freedom?

I really enjoyed this book.  It was quite different from what I was expecting, as I had heard it was like The Hunger Games.  There was not the violence and suffering, but it was written in such a smart way.  I found myself really thinking both sides through as I read the story.  The Society that Cassia lives in is not inherently evil.  In fact, it was originally founded so that citizens would have the best possible lives doing jobs they would be successful in, have marriages that would be fulfilling and having perfect health.  But, at what point should free will come in?  That is the question.

I sympathized with Cassia, as she juggled two choices.  But part of me was waiting for a little something more in the story to happen.  I missed the action that some of the other dystopian books have conjured.  However, I think that is what book 2 in the series (Crossed, due November of this year) will bring to the story.  It almost felt as if Matched was background information that had to be built up in order for the story to go on.  It set me on the journey to find out about Cassia, without it you could not move forward, but I want to find out more.  I cannot wait to see what choices Cassia will make in a world that has no choice.

Overall, this book is definitely worth the read.  It will make you really think about the freedoms that you have in your everyday life.


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