Review: Everything Matters!

Everything Matters! by Ron Currie, Jr.                                    Viking Adult, June 2009

Disclosure: I purchased this book.

Junior Thibodeau hears a voice starting from the time he is in the womb.  On the day he is born, this voice lets him know the exact date that the world will end.  Junior knows he will live exactly 36 years, 168 days, 14 hours and 23 seconds.  So, if you know this information does everything matter?  Or does nothing matter at all?

I found the premise of this book so fascinating.   It posed the question: what would you do if you knew the exact moment that you would die?  Would this knowledge make every second of your life more memorable?  Or knowing this, would you find that nothing at all mattered?  Junior Thibodeau teeters between both sides as he tries to find his way.

But everyone knows that a great idea is not always enough to pull a book through.  Luckily for me, Ron Currie Jr. did more than just come up with a good plot.  The writing was so engaging.  The book ran the gamut of human emotion, as Junior debated his purpose.  There is laughter, tears, heartache, joy, pain, and evil; all tied into one magnificent story.

So if you have ever wondered what you would do if you knew your exact time of death, read this book.  It is thought-provoking in the best possible way.  I know that my mind changed so many times during this read.  So, sit down and find out if everything we do matters.

Let me know what you think.  It matters to me.



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2 Responses to Review: Everything Matters!

  1. Eryn says:

    Oh Lord. Don’t leave this book lying around where Doug can get his hands on it!

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