Review: I’d Know You Anywhere

I’d Know You Anywhere: A Novel by Laura Lippman  Published by William Morrow, August 2010

4.75 out of 5 stars

Eliza Benedict has 2 children and a successful husband.  Her family has just moved back to Maryland to live in an idyllic suburban neighborhood.  Life seems as close to perfect as any of us might ask for, until she opens the mail one day.  The letter in the mail with the haunting words, “Of course, you are older, a woman now….Still, I’d know you anywhere” transports her back in time.  Back to when she was a 15-year-old girl who was kidnapped by Walter Bowman.  Back to reliving her time with a serial killer.  One that let her live while his other victims all died

The letter is from Walter, himself, who is on death row for his crimes.  He wants communication with Eliza.  Thinking about what she wants, what happened all of those years ago brings up so many questions.  Does one really get over what happens in the past?  How do you keep your family safe? Is it better to know about the evil in the world or wait for it to creep up on you?  Eliza has some decisions to make and a past to come to terms with.  After all, she would know Walter anywhere as well.

The first thing you should know about this novel is that Laura Lippman can write.  I mean, really write.  She takes a scene and transports you into it.  I felt like I was right there when Eliza (Elizabeth as she was known then) was pulled by the arm across the water into Walter’s truck.  I saw Holly’s white hair as she ran by.  I’d know them anywhere if I saw them now.  That’s how real it felt, yet the story was not bogged down in too many details.  Ms. Lippman knows how to balance that tight-rope with the perfect amount of grace and poise.

I was intrigued by the plot.  I have seen on the news many cases that involve the murder of children.  My mind has gone to the dark place of what it would be like to be the parent that lives after a child dies.  I have even thought of what it must feel like to know you are about to leave this earth.  But how would you feel to know you survived when others didn’t?  And do you survive or does some piece of you go with the ones that didn’t?  That part had never crossed my mind.  That is one of the reasons this plot was so interesting. It forced me to really think about a situation in a new way.

Go get the book.  You will thoroughly enjoy this read.  It was deserving of all the hype.  I look forward to reading more of Laura Lippman’s work.

Don’t read this one with the windows open,


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