Amazon…How I Love Thee

I may have mentioned how much I love my Kindle.  In fact, I bought the first generation Kindle back when Oprah told me to and have now upgraded to the newest version that you see on this page(thanks Doug for the birthday present). I have to admit, when I first got the Kindle I was nervous.  Nervous that it didn’t have pages, nervous that I would drop it, nervous that it would never replace a “real” book, or maybe nervous that it would.  But I have to say that, for me, the Kindle was love at first sight.

I love that I can change the font size.  I love that I can LITERALLY carry thousands of books with me in this light-weight format.  I love that I can “buy” a book from my living room and have it in less than 60 seconds.  I love that they just enabled a sharing feature for you to share with other Kindle users.  I love that the screen doesn’t resemble a computer screen, but real-life ink.  But most importantly, I double love that Amazon has such fantastic customer service.

One day my original Kindle would not power up.  I called Amazon and they shipped out a brand new Kindle with over night shipping for nothing.  It was easy. There was no “you have to prove you didn’t break it”.  In fact, they didn’t even have to receive the old Kindle first.  So when I started having problems with my new generation Kindle I meant to call them.  You see, it wasn’t saving my place when I was done reading.  I would have to scroll back through (which is super annoying).  It was also powering down at will.

Well Christmas came and then January, but finally I was able to sit down last night and call Amazon.  Right away they asked me what kind of cover I had on my Kindle.  Cover?  What a strange question.  So I described the Amazon cover you see on this page. 

Right away the customer service rep said, “Our cover is defective.  We do apologize.  We will be crediting the full amount plus $25 to your account immediately.”  So within 3 seconds I had the full refund and then some.  This cover has been pulled from Amazon because of the way it hooks into the Kindle, they explained.  Somehow it “shorts” the power source causing it to constantly reboot.  With the extra money they added on I was able to “upgrade” my cover to the one that looks like this but has a built-in book light (which they have assured me will not have the same problems).

So if you happen to have the latest generation Kindle and the book cover above, you might want to give Amazon a call.  They were very easy to work with.  In fact, I didn’t even buy that cover from them.  I bought it at Target. They didn’t ask for any kind of proof, they just fixed the problem.  And that is why I love Amazon and the Kindle.


About Bookmomma

"The greatest gift is a passion for reading. It is cheap, it consoles, it distracts, it excites, it gives you knowledge of the world and experience of a wide kind. It is a moral illumination.” -Elizabeth Hardwick
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1 Response to Amazon…How I Love Thee

  1. kathy rhinehart says:

    Can’t wait to read some of these!!!!! Great reviews, Ashley!!! You have a way with words…………..hhhmmmm, wonder where you got that gift!!!

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